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Michael Jackson Sued by John Landis Over Thriller Video Profits

Jackson Sued Over Thriller Profits

Jackson Sued Over Thriller Profits

Over twenty-five years after the 14 minute video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was produced as well as an accompanying making-of documentary, and with word spreading that a Thriller musical will be hitting Broadway, video director and co-writer John Landis is suing over profits from the video.

Landis, best known for Animal House and An American Werewolf in London, says that his 1983 contract with Jackson entitles him to 50 percent of all profits, and that Jackson “wrongfully refused to pay or account for such profits.”  The suit goes on to note that Jackson has not given accounting information on the video’s profits for that past four years and that he is “guilty of fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct.”

The suit was officially filed on January 21st, and Jackson’s lawyers have yet to comment on it.

While we wait for more information to come to light, what say we watch said video in question, courtesy of YouTube.

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Film Company Sues for Unpaid Product Placement Advertisement


Millennium Films, the company that produced the 2008 film Righteous Kill starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, have filed a lawsuit in LA County court against watch company Tutima USA for unpaid advertising fees.

The lawsuit alleges that Tutima USA would pay Millennium Films for a close up shot of their watch on Al Pacino’s wrist. Millennium Films claims they delivered the shot in the movie, but have yet to be paid.  The lawsuit seeks $50,000 as the fee for the arranged shot, plus an additional $1,000,000 for advertising that was supposed to be purchased.

At this time, Tutima USA has not made an official comment about the lawsuit.

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Not Guilty Plea by William Balfour for Hudson Killings


Yesterday William Balfour pleaded not guilty for the murders of members of Jennifer Hudson’s family – Darnell Donerson, Jason Hudson, and Julian King.  Balfour was indicted last month for three counts of murder.

The murders are believed by investigators to have happened after Balfour had a fight with his estranged wife Julia, who is Jennifer Hudson’s sister.

Balfour is scheduled for a court date of January 27th, and is currently being held at Illinois Department of Corrections.

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Boy George Sentence to Fifteen Months in Prison


Boy George, the ex-singer of Culture Club whose real name is George O’Dowd, was sentenced to fifteen months in prison today by Snaresbrook Crown Court in London.

Last month, Boy George was found guilty unanimously by a jury after a seven day trial in which he was accused of chaining a male escort to the wall in his London apartment. The escort, Audun Carlsen, also claims that Boy George beat him with a metal chain while imprisoned.

Boy George has maintained his innocence throughout the trial and sentencing.

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UFC Champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Guilty of Police Evasion

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Pleads Guilty

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Pleads Guilty

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson pled guilty to one count of evading the cops over the weekend.

The charge comes from a July incident in which Jackson attempted to escape police in a promotional monster truck, during which he hit multiple cars and almost hit several pedestrians.   The incident ended when police pulled Jackson out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

Jackson now faces 200 hours of community service and could serve six months in jail as part of the plea agreement.

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“Lost” Star Naveen Andrews Gain’s Sole Custody of Son


Naveen Andrews Gains Custody of Son

Naveen Andrews, star of “Lost”, has gained sole physical and legal custody of his three-year old son Naveen Joshua in L.A. County Superior Court yesterday.  Naveen Joshua was previously in joint custody with Andrews and mother Elena Eustache, but when Eustache allegedly took her son out of L.A. County without permission and is claimed to have kept her son away from Andrews, the family law judge modified the custody order.

Under this new order, Andrews can now bring his son to Hawaii where “Lost” is filmed. Andrews’ girlfriend, Barbara Hershey, was also granted the right to accompany the boy.  A full custody hearing is scheduled for next month.

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Fantasia Barrino to Lose Home Over Debt


R&B Singer and actress Fantasia Barrino is about to lose her home in North Carolina over $65,000 she owes on a loan.

Sheriff’s deputies in NC have tried multiple times to reach Fantasia about the debt, but with no success.  Additionally, no one showed up at a recent court hearing to represent her about the owed money.

Barrino’s house is scheduled to go on the auction block Monday to pay off the loan.

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Gossip Girl Kelly Rutherford Files For Divorce

Kelly Rutherford files for divorce

Kelly Rutherford files for divorce

Kelly Rutherford, who stars in Gossip Girl as the perenially divorced Lily van der Woodsen, has filed for divorce against husband Daniel Giersch in Los Angeles County Court citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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