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Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe Defense Costs Consignment Store Their Name

When the story exploded that the RNC spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, Palin rebutted saying that her wardrobe comes from her favorite consignment store in Anchorage, Out of the Closet.

Well, it turns out that there is a non-profit chain of stores in California and Florida which is also called Out of the Closet.  When the AIDS Healthcare Foundation found out about the the AK store, the sent a copyright infringement cease and desist letter to the owner asking them to change their name.

Ellen Arvold, who owns the store in Anchorage, has said that she will comply and change the name.  No word if this has affected who she may vote for on November 4th.

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Update in El DeBarge Arrest… Probation Violation Sends Him Back to Jail

El DeBarge, who was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of crack cocaine possession, is being sent to California State Prison in Lancaster to immediately begin a two year sentence.  The judge in the case decided that his conduct during the bust was enough to violate his probation from his 2007 drug case.

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Former SPEED TV Host Arrested on DUI Suspicion

Ashley Van Dyke Mugshot

Ashley Van Dyke Mugshot

Former Speed TV host Ashley Van Dyke has been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Dyke, reportedly was not following directions of a traffic cop in West Hollywood last October 27th when she was pulled over.  It was at this time that a field sobriety test was administered and she blew well over the legal limit.

Additional reports suggest that Dyke tried to get out of being tested by exclaiming “I’m a race car driver!”

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Temporary Restraining Order Requested Against Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings Mugshot

Lyfe Jennings Mugshot

Last week, Lyfe Jennings was arrested for charges including weapons possession and eluding the police.  As more details come out about this incident, another issue has come up, a request for a temporary restraining order.

The request is being made by Joy Bounds, the estranged girlfriend and mother of Jennings’ two children.  Bounds claims that during the events leading up to his arrest, Jennings threatened to kill her and a friend.

During a 911 call that has now been released, Jennings is reported described as kicking in a front door and shouting “Where are my kids? I want my kids!”

We’ll have more details on this ongoing report as they become available.

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80s Pop Star El Debarge Arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance

Eighties pop singer El Debarge was arrested earlier this month for possession of a controlled substance, and is currently in jail without bail thanks in part to two other warrents for his arrest.

El Debarge, whose real life moniker is Patrick Eldra Debarge, was arrested last year as well on multiple charges including vandalism, drugs and domestic violence.

He will be back in court tomorrow.  We’ll just see where this leads.

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Lyfe Jennings Arrested for Weapon Possession and Eluding Police

Reports are out that R & B singer Lyfe Jennings was arrested over the weekend on a number of charges in Georgia.  Police there say that they were responding to a call of weapons being fired, and when they arrived on the scene saw Jennings corvette leaving.  Jennings tried to elude police and gave chase before crashing.

Jennings now faces charges of felony weapon possession by a convicted felon (Jennings served a ten year stretch from ’92 – ’02 for arson) and faces charges of attempting to elude, discharging a firearm near a highway, and refusal to take a test for sobriety.  It has not been noted whether Jennings has an Atlanta criminal defense attorney representing him yet.

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50 Cent Gets a Final Ruling on His Child Custody Case

Rapper 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, was given a final ruling in his child custody case concerning his son Marquise.  Jackson wanted two weekends a month with him, but has agreed to a judge’s awarding of one weekend.  He will also receive one month during the summer and half of his winter and spring breaks during the school year.

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Documenting the Trial of the Century – Britney Spears Driving Without Valid License pt 2

Here are updates in the Trial of the Century as of October 20th in the nefarious case of Britney Spears driving in the state of California without a valid drivers liscence.

– Jamie Spears, father of the lil’ Toxic darling, was on the stand in her defense. His southern drawl and wordspeak, including comments such as “I have no ideer”, was so thick that the transcript reportedly had to be read back to the jury.

– Speaking of the jury, they are currently at a 10-2 deadlock decision that would find the Princess of Louisiana guilty, and were sent home for the day.  Deliberation starts again this morning.

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Yankees Pitcher Joba Chamberlain Strikes Out During DUI Test

Saturday night Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain was arrested for DUI when he was pulled over for speeding near his hometown of Lincoln, NE.

Chamberlain was booked for DUI, speeding and having an open container of alcohol in the car. Chamberlain has since made a boo-hoo apology for his “error in judgment.”

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Documenting the Trial of the Century – Britney Spears Driving Without Valid License

So the Trial Of The Century, that would be the case of Britney Spears driving in California without a California driver’s license, is well underway.  Here are some of the “fun facts” that have come out so far.

– The jury was selected yesterday, with one juror dismissed for thinking Ms. Spears was a trainwreck because “she runs around half naked!”

– The prosecution has pondered “does anyone think this is a colossal waste of time?”

– Michael Flanagan, the lawyer for Spears, has noted that she is planning to build a house in Louisiana, possibly as a way to show that she is not a CA resident, and therefore does not need a CA license.

– Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, has been called to the stand to be a witness.

Good times, people good times.

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