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Andre 3000 Out on Bond After Being Charged for Speeding

Andre 3000 Charged with Speeding

Andre 3000 Charged with Speeding

Over the weekend Andre 3000 was charged driving 109 mph is a 65 mph zone outside of Atlanta, GA early Saturday morning. He is currently out on bond of $1200 and awaiting a hearing on April 29th.

Police say that 3000, whose real name is Andre Benjamin and is part of the duo Outkast, says that he was speeding because he needed to turn around after missing an exit.

No official word has been given through Andre 3000’s publicist, and it is unclear at this time whether he has a criminal defense attorney.

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Ben Vereen Sues Toothpaste Company For Wrongful Endorsement


Back in 2007 at the TV Land Awards Ben Vereen (featured in All That Jazz and plenty of television appearances) was given a tube of Supersmile toothpaste in one of the gift suites.  He was filmed talking with the spokesperson, and the footage later appeared on the company’s website and on YouTube without his permission.

Vereen is now seeking more than $450,000 in damages.

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Walt Disney’s Air Conditioning System Blamed for Death in Lawsuit

Walt Disney Company in Burbank

Walt Disney Company in Burbank

A lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court that blames the death of Louise Jackson on the air conditioning system of the Burbank headquarters of the Walt Disney Company.

In his lawsuit, Dennis Jackson says that toxic contaminated wastewater from the air conditioning system migrated into nearby residential areas and has contaminated drinking water,  and that the pollutants are responsible for Louise Jackson’s death.

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Former Seattle Seahawks NFL Player Arrested for DUI

Brian Bosworth Arrested for DUI

Brian Bosworth Arrested for DUI

Brian Bosworth, who had an explosive and semi-controversial career in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks and in the NCAA with the University of Oklahoma, has been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles early this morning.

Bosworth was pulled over by police for not having a license plate on his Harley motorcycle.  Cops smelled alcohol and administered a breathalyzer test, which Bosworth failed.

Bail has been set at $5000.

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Paula Abdul Sued in Slip and Fall Injury

Hey Paula TV Show Sued

Hey Paula TV Show Sued

Jill Kohl says that she fell while walking down a driveway during a taping of Paula Abudl’s reality television show “Hey Paula”.

Now Kohl is suing Abdul, along with NBC Universal and Bravo for a sum of $25000.  In the lawsuit that was filed with Los Angeles Superior Court, Kohl claims that the slip and fall was in part due to the driveway lack of maintenance and “was in a dangerous and defective condition.”

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