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Michael Jackson Sued by John Landis Over Thriller Video Profits

Jackson Sued Over Thriller Profits

Jackson Sued Over Thriller Profits

Over twenty-five years after the 14 minute video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was produced as well as an accompanying making-of documentary, and with word spreading that a Thriller musical will be hitting Broadway, video director and co-writer John Landis is suing over profits from the video.

Landis, best known for Animal House and An American Werewolf in London, says that his 1983 contract with Jackson entitles him to 50 percent of all profits, and that Jackson “wrongfully refused to pay or account for such profits.”  The suit goes on to note that Jackson has not given accounting information on the video’s profits for that past four years and that he is “guilty of fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct.”

The suit was officially filed on January 21st, and Jackson’s lawyers have yet to comment on it.

While we wait for more information to come to light, what say we watch said video in question, courtesy of YouTube.

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