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Gossip Girl Kelly Rutherford Files For Divorce

Kelly Rutherford files for divorce

Kelly Rutherford files for divorce

Kelly Rutherford, who stars in Gossip Girl as the perenially divorced Lily van der Woodsen, has filed for divorce against husband Daniel Giersch in Los Angeles County Court citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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Cable TV’s Danielle Sapia Files For Divorce


Danielle Sapia,  who has found marginal fame with recent apprearances on “True Blood” and previously on “Dirt” has filed for divorce from Gregg Adam Gellman.

Sapia is currently not seeking spousal support, and the pair do not have any children.

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Dylan McDermott New Year Resolution To Be Single Comes True

Dylan McDemott and Shiva Rose Getting Divorced

Dylan McDemott and Shiva Rose Getting Divorced

At the stroke of midnight on January 2nd, Dylan McDermott will be single when his divorce with wife Shiva Rose McDermott will be official.  The pair, married in 1995 and have two children, have been separated since 2007.  McDermott filed to start the divorce process back in June.

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Hulk Hogan Sells Trademark Names To Avoid Paying Linda in Divorce


This is the claim that Linda Hogan is making with her lawyers.  She says that Hogan is selling off his trademark and brand name rights – including Hollywood Hulk, Hulkster and Hulkamania – to avoid paying assets to her in the divorce. The trademarks were sold to Hogans best friend Eric Bischoff for a fraction of what they are worth.

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie Seeking Divorce

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Planning Divorce

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Planning Divorce

Its been a strange journey for Madonna and movie director husband Guy Ritchie, but now word is out that the two are planning to get divorced.

For now neither of the celeb’s representatives have made official statements, nor have any divorce attorneys made any remarks.

This should be an interesting case to follow, and you can be sure there will be follow ups right here.

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Sunshine Tutt Officially Files For Divorce from Chris Kattan

Last month I reported on how Chris Kattan filed for separation from his wife of eight weeks Sunshine Tutt.   Well, there’s no sun shining in Kattanland today, as Tutt has officially filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

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Sharon Stone Loses Joint Custody of Son to Ex-Husband in Adoption Case

Sharon Stone in her classic Basic Instinct role.

Sharon Stone in her classic Basic Instinct role.

A judge has granted “permanent sole physical custody” of Sharon Stone’s adopted son Roan to her ex-husband Phil Bronstein after a request through her family law attorney for the custody agreement to be changed was denied.

The judge has stated that this new agreement is permanent unless either Bronstein moves closer to Los Angeles or Stone moves closer to San Francisco. Stone has retained custody of her two other adopted sons.

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Hulk Hogan and Ex-Wife Linda Squabble Over Condo Forfeit

As the insanity surrounding the divorce of Hulk and Linda Hogan continues to swirl, here is the latest bit of celebrity injustice…

It appears that the couple put down almost $850,000 for a down payment on a $4.2 million dollar condo in Las Vegas before Linda filed for divorce. Hogan did not want the condo afterward, but Linda wanted to seal the purchase.

A divorce lawyer sided with Hulk that he did not have to make the purchase, however the real estate company will only return $200,000 and is keeping the other $650,000 for liquidated damages.

Now, both Hulk and Linda attorneys are fighting over who will absorb the monetary loss. But which Hogan attorney knows best?

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Damon Dash Custody Battle May Put Baby Mama in Cuffs

Damon Dash is fighting a family law custody battle with ex-wife Linda Williams over their son Damon Dash II.  Dash has not seen his son in four weeks after Williams pick up the boy for a weekend visit and never returned him.  The child’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

A recent court order filed against Williams to return Dash II was ignored, and now the judge has ordered a bench warrant to bring Williams in.

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Lisa Simpson Divorce Finalized and Back on the Market for Sax

Lisa Simpson, or rather her voice Yeardley Smith, had her divorce finalized by an L.A. County judge from her husband Daniel Erickson on September 8th and will be officially realized on New Years Eve.

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