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“Lost” Star Naveen Andrews Gain’s Sole Custody of Son


Naveen Andrews Gains Custody of Son

Naveen Andrews, star of “Lost”, has gained sole physical and legal custody of his three-year old son Naveen Joshua in L.A. County Superior Court yesterday.  Naveen Joshua was previously in joint custody with Andrews and mother Elena Eustache, but when Eustache allegedly took her son out of L.A. County without permission and is claimed to have kept her son away from Andrews, the family law judge modified the custody order.

Under this new order, Andrews can now bring his son to Hawaii where “Lost” is filmed. Andrews’ girlfriend, Barbara Hershey, was also granted the right to accompany the boy.  A full custody hearing is scheduled for next month.

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50 Cent Gets a Final Ruling on His Child Custody Case

Rapper 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, was given a final ruling in his child custody case concerning his son Marquise.  Jackson wanted two weekends a month with him, but has agreed to a judge’s awarding of one weekend.  He will also receive one month during the summer and half of his winter and spring breaks during the school year.

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie Seeking Divorce

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Planning Divorce

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Planning Divorce

Its been a strange journey for Madonna and movie director husband Guy Ritchie, but now word is out that the two are planning to get divorced.

For now neither of the celeb’s representatives have made official statements, nor have any divorce attorneys made any remarks.

This should be an interesting case to follow, and you can be sure there will be follow ups right here.

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Sharon Stone Loses Joint Custody of Son to Ex-Husband in Adoption Case

Sharon Stone in her classic Basic Instinct role.

Sharon Stone in her classic Basic Instinct role.

A judge has granted “permanent sole physical custody” of Sharon Stone’s adopted son Roan to her ex-husband Phil Bronstein after a request through her family law attorney for the custody agreement to be changed was denied.

The judge has stated that this new agreement is permanent unless either Bronstein moves closer to Los Angeles or Stone moves closer to San Francisco. Stone has retained custody of her two other adopted sons.

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