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Michael Jackson Settles Lawsuit Filed by Bahraini Sheikh Out of Court

Michael Jackson Settles Lawsuit

Michael Jackson Settles Lawsuit

London’s Royal Courts of Justice has said that a lawsuit filed by Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa against Michael Jackson has been settled out of court.

The lawsuit claimed that Jackson had abandoned a business deal with 33-year old Sheikh Abdulla that would have included a new album and an autobiography.  Sheikh Abdulla had paid the $2.2 million in legal fees for Jackson’s 2005 child molestation trial, let Jackson move into one of his palaces in Bahrain after the acquittal, and had given Jackson a $7 million advancement on the planned record and book.

Jackson’s lawyers argue that the money given was to him as a gift, and that he was not bound by any contract.

The terms of this amicably settled dispute will remain undisclosed, with a representative for Sheikh Abdulla saying “the details of the settlement will remain confidential as this is part of the agreement.” The pair have wished each other well on their individual endeavors.

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Mistrial Request Denied for OJ Simpson Armed Robbery Case

Simpson Faces Life in Prison

Simpson Faces Life in Prison

Last month, OJ Simpson and Clarence Stewart were found guilty on multiple charges of armed robbery and kidnapping.  Brent Bryson, the pair’s criminal defense lawyer, attempted on Friday to have the case declared a mistrial and begin a new one.  Bryson claims that the jury foreman, Paul Connelly, was guilty of misconduct, as Connelly was dismissed from a job for making racial slurs and reportedly told reporters on the scene that Simpson “should have gotten life in prison” for Nicole Brown’s murder.

The judge for the case denied the motion, and reminded the defense attorney that they were aware of Connelly’s past before the case began.

Simpson and Stewart currently face begin sentenced to prison for life.  They are currently scheduled for a sentencing hearing in December.

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Documenting the Trial of the Century – Britney Spears Driving Without Valid License pt 2

Here are updates in the Trial of the Century as of October 20th in the nefarious case of Britney Spears driving in the state of California without a valid drivers liscence.

– Jamie Spears, father of the lil’ Toxic darling, was on the stand in her defense. His southern drawl and wordspeak, including comments such as “I have no ideer”, was so thick that the transcript reportedly had to be read back to the jury.

– Speaking of the jury, they are currently at a 10-2 deadlock decision that would find the Princess of Louisiana guilty, and were sent home for the day.  Deliberation starts again this morning.

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Documenting the Trial of the Century – Britney Spears Driving Without Valid License

So the Trial Of The Century, that would be the case of Britney Spears driving in California without a California driver’s license, is well underway.  Here are some of the “fun facts” that have come out so far.

– The jury was selected yesterday, with one juror dismissed for thinking Ms. Spears was a trainwreck because “she runs around half naked!”

– The prosecution has pondered “does anyone think this is a colossal waste of time?”

– Michael Flanagan, the lawyer for Spears, has noted that she is planning to build a house in Louisiana, possibly as a way to show that she is not a CA resident, and therefore does not need a CA license.

– Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, has been called to the stand to be a witness.

Good times, people good times.

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OJ Simpson Robbery Case in Las Vegas is Heating Up Courtroom

OJ Simpson Was Arrested Sept. 17 2007

OJ Simpson Was Arrested Sept. 17 2007

Have you been following the the current OJ Simpson robbery case?  If not, here is a run down of what has happened…

About a year ago, OJ Simpson and now co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart went into a sports memorabilia convention in Las Vegas and purportedly at gunpoint took Simpson memorabilia away from dealer Bruce Fromong who the claim stole the items from Simpson.

The defense criminal law attorney claims that Simpson was merely taking back what was rightfully his, while prosecutors have filed 12 counts of robbery, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and coercion against Simpson and Stewart.

Things are currently heating up in the courtroom as testimony from key witness Fromong contradicts himself on the stand, now saying that he had no intention of profiting from the confrontation at the convention, while the defense has shown on tape him stating “It’s not (expletive) over. I’ll have ‘Inside Edition’ down here for us tomorrow. I told them I want big money” and eBay listings on Fromong’s account with text promoting items as “The same ones stolen by O.J. in Las Vegas.”

The prosecution plans to bring The Goldmans, the family of Ron Goldman who was murdered in 1994 who Simpson was found not guilty of murdering him back in 1995 but found guilty in a civil case, into the mix with allegations that Simpson was trying to hide valuables in order to avoid paying them financial compensation.

Co-defendant Stewart fears that he will be dragged into a more severe punishment if found guilty due to Simpson’s notoriety. Should Simpson be found guilty of the most serious charges, he will face life in prison.

You can be sure we’ll have future updates as new information comes to light.  This case is far from over…

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