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Problems Continue for Plaxico Burress with Car Crash Lawsuit

That Better Be Plaxico's Lawyer on the Phone

That Better Be Plaxico's Lawyer on the Phone

Burress is currently dealing with the weapons possession charges in New York, but he may be speeding toward additional charges in a completely unrelated case.

A lawsuit has been filed in Florida by Alise Smith, who alleges that Burress rear-ended her car back in May.  She claims she suffered back and neck injuries from the car accident.  The suit is seeking $15,000 for lost wages, medical bills and vehicle damages.

What could prove to be an additional issue for Burress is that Smith claims she has proof that Burress was driving without insurance, as he did not pay his premiums and the insurance lapsed three days before the May 16th accident.

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Singer Brandy Among Those Named in Injury Lawsuit from 2006 Car Crash


R&B singer Brandy has been named in a personal injury lawsuit by Donald Lite, who claims he suffers “serious and permanent injuries” while racking up medical bills due to a multi-car pile-up back in 2006.  Lite is also suing Awatef Aboudihaj, who died in the accident.

The suit recounts the events of the accident, in which Brandy rear-ended Aboudihaj, who subsequently rear-ended Lite, and describes how Brandy and Aboudihaj’s inability to travel at safe speeds at a safe distance lead to the car accident.

Lite is currently seeking an unspecified amount for damages.

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No Criminal Charges for Death of Dakota Culkin, Sister of Macaulay

Dakota Culkin, the sister of Macaulay Culkin, was killed earlier this week when she stepped in front of a car Tuesday night and was struck in West Los Angeles.  Dakota was sent to UCLA hospital with traumatic brain injury and head trauma, and died Wednesday morning.

According to a representative for the Culkins, “the driver stopped, rendered aid, and identified himself as required by law.”

Detectives on the scene of the car accident determined that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs,  and furthermore that no crime had been committed.

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Did Mets Pitcher Ambiorix Burgos Kill Two People In Hit and Run?

Ambriorix Burgos... Hit and Run Killer?

Ambriorix Burgos... Hit and Run Killer?

Things are looking pretty bad for Ambiorix Burgos, a New York Mets pitcher who has spent this entire season off the mound due to an elbow injury.

Nagua Police in the Dominican Republic says that Burgos struck and killed two women in his 2009 Hummer on September 30th before leaving the scene of the crime.  Police, who used eyewitness testimonals who identified that Burgos was behind the wheel, say that he would be brought to justice and that wrongful death charges could be possible.

A Representative for the Mets made this official statement:

“We are extremely disturbed by the reports regarding the player’s potential involvement in the hit-and-run accident that unfortunately killed two women. We take this matter very seriously and have begun an internal investigation to ascertain the facts. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of the victims.”

This would make the third run in with the law for Burgos in just under a month.  Earlier this week Burgos was charged with gun possession when police found him with a rifle, a handgun and a pistol.  And on September 8th, Burgos was arrested for allegedly manhandling his girlfiend in a New York hotel.  He is scheduled in court for these charges on October 23rd.

Thanks Burgos.  Way to be a role model for the kids.

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