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Yankees Pitcher Joba Chamberlain Strikes Out During DUI Test

Saturday night Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain was arrested for DUI when he was pulled over for speeding near his hometown of Lincoln, NE.

Chamberlain was booked for DUI, speeding and having an open container of alcohol in the car. Chamberlain has since made a boo-hoo apology for his “error in judgment.”

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A-Rod Divorce Litigation Continues with Prenup Pitch

A-Rod plans to hold his wife Cynthia to their prenup arrangement, which is said to be heavily in Alexander’s favor, and calls the allegations of infidelity “immaterial and impertinent” to the divorce,  though  he does not deny that they are true.  A-Rod has already said that he will pay child support to their two kids.

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A-Rod’s Lawyer Requests To Withdraw From Councel

A-Rod Divorce Attorney Ira Elegant

A-Rod Divorce Attorney Ira Elegant

Ira Elegant is a Miami and Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney who has been representing Alex Rodriguez in his divorce proceedings. Elegant has just requested to withdraw from the case, stating that Rodriguez “has more than enough attorneys representing him in this action.” Rodriguez picked up two new attorneys, Cynthia Greene and Laura Davis Smith, for his case earlier this week.

Elegant had previously represented Shaquille O’Neal in his divorce.

A-Rod Swings For Divorce Homerun with New Lawyers

Swinging For Divorce Home Run

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