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Ex-Jacksonville Jaguars Jimmy Smith Held on Drug Charges

Jimmy Smith Arrested for Drug Possession

Jimmy Smith Arrested for Drug Possession

Jimmy Smith, formerly of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, was arrested yesterday April 22nd for multiple drug charges.

After being pulled over by local police, Smith was booked on charges including:

  • felony possession of cocaine
  • possession of 20 grams or less of marijuana
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • driving with a suspended license

Smith is currently being held at John E. Goode Pretrial Detention Facility on bond of $5006.

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Donte Stallworth Surrenders to Court for DUI Manslaughter

Donte Stallworth faces DUI Manslaughter

Donte Stallworth faces DUI Manslaughter

Donte Stallworth, who is the Cleveland Browns wide receiver, surrendered himself to the Miami-Dade court system today on charges of DUI manslaughter.  The charges come from a car crash on March 14th involving Stallworth and 59-year old Mario Reyes, who was killed in the incident.  Stallworth had been drinking at a Miami Beach hotel, and police records state that his BAC .126 after the accident.

Stallworth, who also faces a separate DUI charge, could be sentenced to 15 years in prison if convicted.  He is currently scheduled for a April 23 arraignment date, and has been released on $200,000 bail.

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Former Seattle Seahawks NFL Player Arrested for DUI

Brian Bosworth Arrested for DUI

Brian Bosworth Arrested for DUI

Brian Bosworth, who had an explosive and semi-controversial career in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks and in the NCAA with the University of Oklahoma, has been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles early this morning.

Bosworth was pulled over by police for not having a license plate on his Harley motorcycle.  Cops smelled alcohol and administered a breathalyzer test, which Bosworth failed.

Bail has been set at $5000.

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NFL Receiver Andre Risen Arrested for Public Intoxication

Andre “Bad Moon” Risen was arrested on Tuesday in San Antionio after causing a scene in a local hotel around 2am after learning the bar was closed.

When police arrived at the hotel, Risen and a friend were discovered to be so intoxicated the posed a potential threat to themselves and others.  The pair were taken to a local jail for the night to sober up and were charged $85 before being released.

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Football Star Vince Young in Trademark Dispute Over His Own Name


Vince Young, who plays football for the Tennessee Titans, is currently in a copyright dispute over his nickname In-Vince-Able / Invinceable and his initials VY.  Turns out, a day after winning the 2006 Rose Bowl, both were trademarked by three astute entrepreneurs – one of which is former Astros baseball player Enos Cabell – and Young wants them back.

Young has filed the lawsuit primarily to get back the two trademarked terms, since Young can not currently use the terms with potential promotional deals including one with Reebok.

The defendants have yet to make any official statement on the lawsuit.

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Plaxico Burress Weekend Shooting Puts Others in Law’s Sights

The weekend self-injury of New York Giants star badboy Plaxico Burress, who sustained a personal injury gunshot in the leg when an illegally concealed weapon accidentally went off may have a few others in hot water.

In New York state, it is a misdemeanor for a hospital not to report a gunshot wound to the police, and according to reports, that is exactly what happened.  It appears that several employees of New York-Cornell Hospital, who treated Burress, did not contact the police. The New York State Department of Health is investigating to see if information was deliberately hidden to protect Burress. Additionally the hospital itself has admitted it has suspended an employee for not following procedure.  The hospital says it is their policy to contact the police in regards to all gunshot patients.

Meanwhile Antonio Pierce, another New York Giant who was with Burress at the club Latin Quarter during the injury and aftermath, is being sought for questioning by police.  It appears, however, that he ditched the cops yesterday in favor of a paid radio appearance.  Pierce also is reported to have spoken to NFL security about the incident without a lawyer present which could get the league itself tangled up in the investigation.

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Plaxico Burress Turns Himself In Over Weapons Charges in Nightclub

Plaxico Burress Under Arrest

Plaxico Burress Under Arrest

Over the weekend, NFL star Plaxico Burress shot himself accidently in his leg when a concealed weapon on his person fell down his pants leg and went off.

Yesterday, NYPD went to Burress’ home to retrieve the gun.  Burress was not at home, and while there was no search warrant, but someone at the house was authorized by Burress to surrender the weapon.  Representatives for Burress also made a statement that he would turn himself in.

Just this morning, Burress voluntarily turned himself into the police and plead “not guilty” to charges of illegal possession of a weapon, which is a felony.  Burress may also face charges of reckless endangerment.

Burress’ lawyer has stated that his client “intends to address the charges in a responsible manner as a true professional.”

We’ll be keeping track of this story as it develops.

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Super Bowl Champ Lawyer Milloy Arrested for DUI in Georgia

Lawyer Milloy, former Buffalo Bills #36, goes berzerk at the Jets try to steal his Maddog 20/20!

Super Bowl and NFL superstar Lawyer Milloy was arrested in Georgia early this morning after being pulled over by Georgia police. Milloy was charged with speeding and driving under the influence according to Gwinnett County Sheriff.

34-year-old Milloy was booked in the county jail with bond set at just over $1600.

Poor Milloy, all he wanted to do was get his drink on after the Atlanta Falcons lost 24-9 yesterday.

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NFL Star Matt Jones Arrested For Drug Possession in Arkansas

Matt Jones Mugshot

Matt Jones Mugshot

Matt Jones, receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars, was arrested in Arkansas this morning, July 10th, for possession of a controlled substance.

When police officers approached the vehicle he was sitting in and saw him chopping up and scraping together a white powder with a credit card, he was ordered out of the car. After disregarding the initial order, police drew guns on Jones and at that time Jones complied. A police report also noted Jones stated that the substance was cocaine (a test later proved the statement correct).

Jones was booked into the Washington County Detention Center, along with two other men that were in the car. It is unclear at this time why Jones, who was quarterback for the University of Alabama, is in the state.

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