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Former Prison Break Star Lane Garrison Settles with Victim’s Family

Lane Garrison During His Trial

Lane Garrison During His Trial

Lane Garrison, who starred on Prison Break, was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter back in 2006 when he killed 17-year old Vahagn Setian while drunk driving.

Garrison, who pleaded guilty to the charge and is currently serving 40 months in prison, reached a financial settlement with the parents of Setian earlier this week. The settlement comes from a civil suit filed by the Setians last year for the wrongful death of their son. The exact amount remains confidential.

Garrison has reached a settlement with Michelle Ohana, who was 15 at the time of the crash, and spent two months in a wheelchair due to her injuries.

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“Thorne Forrester” Faces Lawsuit for Skipped Car Payments

Winsor Harmon Sued for Car PaymentsHarmon Sued for Car Payments

Winsor Harmon, who plays Thorne Forrester on CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful is facing a lawsuit from Daimler Chrysler Financial Services for missed car payments.

Last year, Winsor Harmon had his 2006 Mercedes Benz repossessed for failing to make payments on the lease of the $80,000 vehicle.  Now, Daimler Chrysler Financial Services has filed suit with L.A. County Superior Court to collect over $35,000 is missed payments and interest.

At this time there has been no statement from Harmon or his representatives.

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Ben Vereen Sues Toothpaste Company For Wrongful Endorsement


Back in 2007 at the TV Land Awards Ben Vereen (featured in All That Jazz and plenty of television appearances) was given a tube of Supersmile toothpaste in one of the gift suites.  He was filmed talking with the spokesperson, and the footage later appeared on the company’s website and on YouTube without his permission.

Vereen is now seeking more than $450,000 in damages.

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Walt Disney’s Air Conditioning System Blamed for Death in Lawsuit

Walt Disney Company in Burbank

Walt Disney Company in Burbank

A lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court that blames the death of Louise Jackson on the air conditioning system of the Burbank headquarters of the Walt Disney Company.

In his lawsuit, Dennis Jackson says that toxic contaminated wastewater from the air conditioning system migrated into nearby residential areas and has contaminated drinking water,  and that the pollutants are responsible for Louise Jackson’s death.

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Paula Abdul Sued in Slip and Fall Injury

Hey Paula TV Show Sued

Hey Paula TV Show Sued

Jill Kohl says that she fell while walking down a driveway during a taping of Paula Abudl’s reality television show “Hey Paula”.

Now Kohl is suing Abdul, along with NBC Universal and Bravo for a sum of $25000.  In the lawsuit that was filed with Los Angeles Superior Court, Kohl claims that the slip and fall was in part due to the driveway lack of maintenance and “was in a dangerous and defective condition.”

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Michael Jackson Sued by John Landis Over Thriller Video Profits

Jackson Sued Over Thriller Profits

Jackson Sued Over Thriller Profits

Over twenty-five years after the 14 minute video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was produced as well as an accompanying making-of documentary, and with word spreading that a Thriller musical will be hitting Broadway, video director and co-writer John Landis is suing over profits from the video.

Landis, best known for Animal House and An American Werewolf in London, says that his 1983 contract with Jackson entitles him to 50 percent of all profits, and that Jackson “wrongfully refused to pay or account for such profits.”  The suit goes on to note that Jackson has not given accounting information on the video’s profits for that past four years and that he is “guilty of fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct.”

The suit was officially filed on January 21st, and Jackson’s lawyers have yet to comment on it.

While we wait for more information to come to light, what say we watch said video in question, courtesy of YouTube.

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Film Company Sues for Unpaid Product Placement Advertisement


Millennium Films, the company that produced the 2008 film Righteous Kill starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, have filed a lawsuit in LA County court against watch company Tutima USA for unpaid advertising fees.

The lawsuit alleges that Tutima USA would pay Millennium Films for a close up shot of their watch on Al Pacino’s wrist. Millennium Films claims they delivered the shot in the movie, but have yet to be paid.  The lawsuit seeks $50,000 as the fee for the arranged shot, plus an additional $1,000,000 for advertising that was supposed to be purchased.

At this time, Tutima USA has not made an official comment about the lawsuit.

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Law and Order Star Sued by Talent Agency For Representation Fee


S. Epatha Merkerson, who starred for several years on Law and Order as Lt. Anita Van Buren, is being sued by The Gersh Agency for fees associated with representing her.

In the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, The Gersh Agency claims that Merkerson owes them 10% commission for her casting on Law and Order as part of an oral agreement. The agency is seeking at leaset $223,000, which stems from Merkerson’s $2,229,084 earned during her L&O stint.

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Problems Continue for Plaxico Burress with Car Crash Lawsuit

That Better Be Plaxico's Lawyer on the Phone

That Better Be Plaxico's Lawyer on the Phone

Burress is currently dealing with the weapons possession charges in New York, but he may be speeding toward additional charges in a completely unrelated case.

A lawsuit has been filed in Florida by Alise Smith, who alleges that Burress rear-ended her car back in May.  She claims she suffered back and neck injuries from the car accident.  The suit is seeking $15,000 for lost wages, medical bills and vehicle damages.

What could prove to be an additional issue for Burress is that Smith claims she has proof that Burress was driving without insurance, as he did not pay his premiums and the insurance lapsed three days before the May 16th accident.

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American Idol Creators Suing Texas Gentleman’s Club for “Stripper Idol” Contest

The corporation FremantleMedia, who are the creators of the hit television show American Idol, are suing the owners of a Texas gentleman’s club for their amateur night competition they’ve dubbed “Stripper Idol”.

The the club’s website, Palazio Men’s Club plays on the singing competition reality show’s name in addition to altering the recognizable neon cursive script trademarked logo.

The lawsuit not only aims at stopping copyright infringement, but also seeks the profits derived from the club’s event for potential damage to the show’s image and fees for filing the suit in the first place.

Lampros, the club’s owner, says “I don’t feel they have any grounds to sue. This is just our way of enticing people to come out and have a good time and contribute to the economic crisis that is going on.”  There is currently no official word from the defense.

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