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Dylan McDermott New Year Resolution To Be Single Comes True

Dylan McDemott and Shiva Rose Getting Divorced

Dylan McDemott and Shiva Rose Getting Divorced

At the stroke of midnight on January 2nd, Dylan McDermott will be single when his divorce with wife Shiva Rose McDermott will be official.  The pair, married in 1995 and have two children, have been separated since 2007.  McDermott filed to start the divorce process back in June.


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Chris Kattan Files for Separation with Wife After Eight Weeks

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt Separate

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt Separate

After only eight weeks of marriage, Chris Kattan has filed for separation from his wife model Sunshine Tutt. The pair had been engaged since 2006, finally married on June 28th, and papers for separation were filed on August 10th. By filing for separation instead of filing for divorce in California, it leaves an opportunity for the pair to reconcile, though at this time there is no hint at a reunion.

According to the paperwork filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court the pair have a prenuptial agreement, but the specifics have not been mentioned.

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Attorney Stacy Phillips To Britney Spears “You Owe Me $481,627.37”

Divorce Attorney Stacy Phillips

Divorce Attorney Stacy Phillips

Britney Spears may be heading to court again in the near future, this time for not paying her divorce attorney’s fees. Attorney Stacy Phillips says that Spears owes her a total of $481,627.37 (working at $700 an hour), and went on to say that she has already discounted the total by over $125,000.  Spears’ representatives are refusing to pay the bill, and sources have said that Phillips is ready to sue in order to get her money.

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A-Rod’s Lawyer Requests To Withdraw From Councel

A-Rod Divorce Attorney Ira Elegant

A-Rod Divorce Attorney Ira Elegant

Ira Elegant is a Miami and Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney who has been representing Alex Rodriguez in his divorce proceedings. Elegant has just requested to withdraw from the case, stating that Rodriguez “has more than enough attorneys representing him in this action.” Rodriguez picked up two new attorneys, Cynthia Greene and Laura Davis Smith, for his case earlier this week.

Elegant had previously represented Shaquille O’Neal in his divorce.

A-Rod Swings For Divorce Homerun with New Lawyers

Swinging For Divorce Home Run

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