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Warner Brothers Sue Bollywood Produces Over HARI PUTTAR

Bollywood producers to release a film called “Hari Puttar: a comedy of terror” are working to fend off a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Warner Bros. contends that the title of the film is too close to his mega-famous boy wizard franchise.

Although Bollywood often borrow films from  liberal western movies, producers of “Hari Puttar: a comedy of terrors” to say that his film is nothing like a film in the “Harry Potter” series.

“There is absolutely no link” from Hari Puttar “to” Harry Potter” said Munish Purii, CEO of Mumbai-producers Mirchi Films. Hari is a common name in India while “puttar” is the son of Punabji he said.

“Even if it does rhyme with Harry Potter, surely there is a limit to the case?” Says Tarun Adarsh, editor of Trade Guide.

The film is not a story of sorts or assistant flight on broomsticks, but rather a story of an Indian boy left home alone, which combat the thieves when their parents are on vacation – much of the film recalled Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin.

Warner Brothers seeks an injunction against the film, which is set for release on September 12. The hearings began on Monday and the next is scheduled for September 2.

Deborah Warner Brothers Lincoln spokesman confirmed that the company has filed a lawsuit against the producers of “Hari Puttar”.

“Warner Brothers values and protects intellectual property rights. However, it is our policy not to discuss publicly the details of any ongoing litigation,” said Lincoln.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Uncle Is Going to Jail for Fraud

Paul Sullivan, Lindsay Lohan’s uncle and brother of Dina, is going to jail for twelve months for defrauding the governement.  Sullivan had falsely filed reports that his business had suffered because of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and received a Small Business Administration loan for $600,000.

Sullivan could have received up to twenty-seven months.

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What is Behind Fox’s Attack on Warner Bros Over WATCHMEN?

As you have heard, some legal battles have been raised due to the highly expected film adaptation of comic books, WATCHMEN.

So what really happens?

Well, basically, a judge has granted 20th Century Fox permission to take Warner Bros. to court for not obtaining permission to make WATCHMEN in the first place. Fox has appeared to have the copyright protection to make a film of WATCHMEN for the past 22 years, without luck, in reality, to make it themselves. Warner seems to think that everything is on the up and up, so the battle goes to trial.

Properties that are derived from studies, but in the end was not done are generally collected by other studies. But the original studio still hangs on in case the film has becomes a giant property. In this case, Fox tried to make WATCHMEN before, and now WB is doing it and receiving much attention in the process, so pissed Fox is and does not want to become a joke.

Apparently, Fox does have reasonable ground for their lawsuit for the issues of “turnaround” and “changed elements”, and has already been explained in an article in the New York Times this week.

On its face, turnaround is a contractual mechanism that allows a studio to release its interest in a dormant film project, while recovering costs, plus interest, from any rival that eventually adopts the project. But turnaround is a stacked deck.

The turnaround clauses in a typical contract are also insurance for studio executives who do not want to be humiliated by a competitor who makes a hit out of their castoffs.

That trick turns on a term of art: “changed elements.” A producer of a movie acquired in turnaround who comes up with a new director, or star, or story line, or even a reduction in budget, must give the original studio another shot at making the movie because of changed elements, even if a new backer has entered the picture.

Thus, “Michael Clayton” was put in turnaround by Castle Rock Entertainment (which, like Warner, belongs to Time Warner). When George Clooney became attached to star in it, however, Castle Rock stood on its right to be involved as a producer of what turned out to be an Oscar-nominated film.

But what this all comes down to is money. Fox may appear to want to stop WATCHMEN in its tracks, but the real purpose is for them to get a piece of what will bound to be some massive monetary intake.

WATCHMEN storms theaters March 6, 2009.

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Andy Dick Avoids “Sexual Battery” Charge, But Still Faces Four More Allegations

Andy Dick Mugshot

Andy Dick Mugshot

Andy Dick, one of the more psychotic and attention-pandering-celebs out there today, will not be charged with a sexual assault in an allegation that he pulled a seventeen-year old’s top down outside the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Murrieta CA last month. However, the former star of News Radio and The Andy Dick Show still faces multiple charges from that evening. Among them include:

  • battery
  • unlawful possession of a controlled substance
  • public intoxication
  • possession of less than one ounce of marijuana

Among the sordid details of his arrest include this nugget from officer’s report “… Dick was escorted back to the holding area … At one point I noticed Dick sat up from the floor and his pants were soaked from the waist area to the ankles. Dick has just urinated on himself.”

What a Dick.

No word on how the Hollywood has-been (was he ever “in” to begin with?) will plead.

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Chris Kattan Files for Separation with Wife After Eight Weeks

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt Separate

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt Separate

After only eight weeks of marriage, Chris Kattan has filed for separation from his wife model Sunshine Tutt. The pair had been engaged since 2006, finally married on June 28th, and papers for separation were filed on August 10th. By filing for separation instead of filing for divorce in California, it leaves an opportunity for the pair to reconcile, though at this time there is no hint at a reunion.

According to the paperwork filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court the pair have a prenuptial agreement, but the specifics have not been mentioned.

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Shaquille O’Neal Slapped with Restraining Order Against Singer MaryJane

Hip-hop artist MaryJane, whose real name is Alexis Miller, has successfully filed a restraining order against basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal, after she she made allegations that he has threatened to hurt her and has been harrassing her on the phone.

The court filing makes the claim that O’Neal specifically threatened to have her blackballed from the music industry by paying off musicians $50,000 each if they agreed not to perform or record with MaryJane. O’Neal was also alleged to have sent MaryJane “an unsolicited vulgar and offensive illustration of a man physically restraining a woman”.

O’Neal will appear in court on September 4th.

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Attorney Stacy Phillips To Britney Spears “You Owe Me $481,627.37”

Divorce Attorney Stacy Phillips

Divorce Attorney Stacy Phillips

Britney Spears may be heading to court again in the near future, this time for not paying her divorce attorney’s fees. Attorney Stacy Phillips says that Spears owes her a total of $481,627.37 (working at $700 an hour), and went on to say that she has already discounted the total by over $125,000.  Spears’ representatives are refusing to pay the bill, and sources have said that Phillips is ready to sue in order to get her money.

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Donnie Wahlberg Is Toughening Up For The Big “D”

Donnie and Kim are heading to Splitsville

Donnie and Kim are heading to Splitsville

Kim Fey, Donnie Wahlberg’s wife of nine years, has officially filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The couple separated back in January.

Fey is seeking sole custody of their two kids and and give Wahlberg visitation rights. Fey is also requesting spousal support.

More to come, as I’m sure we’ll be hearing from both of their Los Angeles or possibly San Jose Divorce Attorneys in the very near future.

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The Cookie Crumbles as Mrs. Fields Files Bankruptcy

mrs fields files bankruptcy

Mrs Fields files bankruptcy

Mrs Fields Famous Brands LLC will bring a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing to court on August 25th. Creditors are currently working to vote and approve a prepackaged bankruptcy plan.

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Christian Bale Off The Hook For Assault

Christian Bale seen here in The Machinist

Christian Bale seen here in The Machinist

Charges of assault against Christian Bale have been dropped in the UK. Last month, Bale was caught up in a frivolous charge made by his own mother that he had assaulted her, in what is being alleged as a way to get money out him.

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