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NBA Star Charles Barkley Arrested in Arizona on DUI Suspicion

Charles Barkley Suspected of DUI

Charles Barkley Suspected of DUI

Charles Barkley, former NBA star for the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns, was arrested early this morning for suspicion of drunk driving.

Barkley was pulled over by local members of a law enforcement task force after running a stop sign.  He refused to take a breath test, but submitted to a blood test, the results of which are not yet available.

After being processed and cited, he was released and left the Old Town area scene, one of the trendy areas of the Phoenix metro area, in a taxi.

After Barkley’s arrest, Gilbert police Lt. Eric Shuhandler stated that “there was nothing unusual about how he was taken into custody” and “was treated exactly like we treat anybody else.”

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NFL Receiver Andre Risen Arrested for Public Intoxication

Andre “Bad Moon” Risen was arrested on Tuesday in San Antionio after causing a scene in a local hotel around 2am after learning the bar was closed.

When police arrived at the hotel, Risen and a friend were discovered to be so intoxicated the posed a potential threat to themselves and others.  The pair were taken to a local jail for the night to sober up and were charged $85 before being released.

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Trading Spaces Host Doug Wilson Busted on DUI

Early Tuesday morning, December 30th, Doug Wilson of “Trading Spaces” fame was arrested by police in Decatur, Illinois.

Wilson failed to yield to an emergency vehicle and was later pulled over by said vehicle, which happened to be a police car. Wilson was charged with multiple crimes including aggravated DUI, driving on a suspended license and illegal transportation of alcohol.

Wilson was released later that day on a $1000 bond after being jailed.

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