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Heath Ledger’s Life Insurance Company Claiming Suicide to Avoid Paying?

Did Heath Ledger commit suicide over Joker?

Did Heath Ledger commit suicide over Joker?

ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, who wrote a $10 million life insurance policy for Heath Ledger just six months before he died, is claiming that Ledger may have committed suicide, which would make the policy null and void. Instead of paying out the policy, they have begun their own investigation to determine the cause of death, despite the New York City Medical Examiner’s ruling that his death was accidental.

Lawyers for Ledger’s daughter are now suing the company, saying that their claim is an obvious ploy to avoid having to pay out. Matilda’s lawyers claim that ReliaStar is flagrantly violating California law, which prohibits insurance companies from re-examining insurance applications after the policyholder dies.

ReliaStar has stated that no decision has been made about the policy.

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