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A-Rod’s Lawyer Requests To Withdraw From Councel

A-Rod Divorce Attorney Ira Elegant

A-Rod Divorce Attorney Ira Elegant

Ira Elegant is a Miami and Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney who has been representing Alex Rodriguez in his divorce proceedings. Elegant has just requested to withdraw from the case, stating that Rodriguez “has more than enough attorneys representing him in this action.” Rodriguez picked up two new attorneys, Cynthia Greene and Laura Davis Smith, for his case earlier this week.

Elegant had previously represented Shaquille O’Neal in his divorce.

A-Rod Swings For Divorce Homerun with New Lawyers

Swinging For Divorce Home Run


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Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies Busted For Cocaine Possession

Barenaked Ladies' Steven Page Mugshot

Barenaked Ladies' Steven Page Mugshot

Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page was arrested on July 11th for cocaine possession.  Cops saw a suspicious vehicle outside an apartment in New York City, and while they investigated observed a man and a woman inside an apartment with a powder substance and an “unknown white capsule”.  A field test came back positive as cocaine.

Page, and the woman Stephanie Ford, were charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, while Ford was also charged with possession of pot.

Both were released on a $10,000 bail.

The band has since pulled out of playing at the Disney Music Block Party, while their manager has said through the band’s website that the “members of the band completely support Steven Page, but we don’t want to put Disney in an awkward position before issues involving Steven’s arrest are resolved.”

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