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TV Actor Gary Collins Charged for DUI in Santa Barbara

Gary Collins 1/31 Mugshot

Gary Collins 1/31 Mugshot

70-year old Gary Collins was arrested on January 31st in Santa Barbara California for a DUI after being pulled over for erratic driving.

Collins is reported to have blown a .29 blood alcohol content level, over four times the limit in California.  Collins has been officially charged with a DUI and for driving with a BAC of .08 or higher.  There is no word if  Collins has a drunk driving charges lawyer or if they will make a statement.

Collins has been previously served jail time for a prior DUI charge.

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Former 2 Live Crew Member Luther Campbell Arrested in Florida


Luther Campbell, a former member of 2 Live Crew, was arrested in Maimi-Dade County on Tuesday, on charges of contempt of court.  Campbell spent less than twenty-four hours behind bars before being released.

Charges come from Campbell owing the courts over $10,000.  Originally it was reported that the money was due to missed child support payments, but it is now unclear exactly what Campbell owes the money for.

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Suge Knight Pleads Guilty in Las Vegas Justice Court

In a follow up to our story about Suge Knight alleged assault on his girlfriend in Las Vegas, Knight took a plea deal in the Las Vegas Justice Court on Wednesday.

Knight plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor domestic batter.  The guilty admission comes with a $340 fine, forty-eight hours of community service, and he will have to attend domestic violence counseling.

As part of deal, two counts of felony drug possession and a charge of felony coercion were dropped, which the Las Vegas Sun says is partially due to the fact that the prosecutors can not find their main witness.

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