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Singer Brandy Among Those Named in Injury Lawsuit from 2006 Car Crash


R&B singer Brandy has been named in a personal injury lawsuit by Donald Lite, who claims he suffers “serious and permanent injuries” while racking up medical bills due to a multi-car pile-up back in 2006.  Lite is also suing Awatef Aboudihaj, who died in the accident.

The suit recounts the events of the accident, in which Brandy rear-ended Aboudihaj, who subsequently rear-ended Lite, and describes how Brandy and Aboudihaj’s inability to travel at safe speeds at a safe distance lead to the car accident.

Lite is currently seeking an unspecified amount for damages.

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Teen Pleads Guilty to 2007 “Mortal Kombat” Death of 7-Year Old


In Colorado, 18-year old Lamar Roberts has pleaded guilty to charges of child abuse and knowingly/recklessly causing death for the December 2007 killing of 7-year old Zoe Garcia.

The death is due to Roberts’ imitation of the fighting moves found in the video game Mortal Kombat.  Garcia’s half-sister, Heather Trujillo, was also involved in kicking, hitting and slamming Garcia.  Trujillo pleaded guilty to child abuse and negligently causing death back in May and is currently serving six years in Colorado’s youth offender system.

Roberts was scheduled to start his trial in January.  Instead, he will now face sentencing on January 16th.

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Bettie Page Passes Away at the Age of 85


I’d like to take a moment from tracking the latest celebrities charged with weapons possession, accused of drunk driving and filing for divorce to wish a fond farewell to Bettie Page.

The notorious queen of pin-up passed away yesterday at the age of 85 due to a heart attack.

She will be missed, and her impact on pop culture will never be forgotten.

Time Magazine has a fantastic article on her life.  Do yourself a favor and read it.

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No Criminal Charges for Death of Dakota Culkin, Sister of Macaulay

Dakota Culkin, the sister of Macaulay Culkin, was killed earlier this week when she stepped in front of a car Tuesday night and was struck in West Los Angeles.  Dakota was sent to UCLA hospital with traumatic brain injury and head trauma, and died Wednesday morning.

According to a representative for the Culkins, “the driver stopped, rendered aid, and identified himself as required by law.”

Detectives on the scene of the car accident determined that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs,  and furthermore that no crime had been committed.

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Vinnie Jones Charged for Bar Fight Brawl in South Dakota


Last week, movie star and football (thats soccer to you yanks) player Vinnie Jones started a brawl in a South Dakota bar with two of the patrons.  Jones, who was intoxicated at the time of the fight, was waiting for a pool table being used by locals Juan Barrera and Jesse Bickett.  During the altercation, which was allegedly started by Jones, Jones was smashed in the face with a beer glass by Bickett.  Undeterred by the blood streaming from his face, Jones continued to beat the hell out of Barrera.

Think of any of the multiple scenes in a Guy Ritchie movie where Jones beats the hell out of some poor hooligan.  Now apply that image of the snarling and enraged Jones to the real world.

Currently, Jones has been charged with three counts of simple assault.  If Jones is found guilty of all three, he could face up to $2000 in fines and a year in jail.  There has been no word from Jones criminal defense representation or if the Barrera and Bickett plan to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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First Husband of Britney Spears Serving Sentence for DUI Conviction

Jason Alexander Mugshot

Jason Alexander Mugshot

Jason Alexander, the friend and first husband of Britney Spears, whose wedding was annulled after just a few days, is currently serving a ten day jail sentence for a prior DUI conviction.  He will be released December 9th.

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Dylan McDermott New Year Resolution To Be Single Comes True

Dylan McDemott and Shiva Rose Getting Divorced

Dylan McDemott and Shiva Rose Getting Divorced

At the stroke of midnight on January 2nd, Dylan McDermott will be single when his divorce with wife Shiva Rose McDermott will be official.  The pair, married in 1995 and have two children, have been separated since 2007.  McDermott filed to start the divorce process back in June.

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Axl Rose Does Not Want To Be A Pepper for Guns N’ Roses Soda Promo Gone Flat

Wouldn't You Like To Be a Pepper Too?

Wouldnt You Like To Be A Pepper Too?

So here’s the deal… until last month, there hasn’t been any officially released new material from Guns N’ Roses since 1991. That is seventeen years!  For much of that time, there has been this mysterious album in the works entitled Chinese Democracy that was that would never ever ever ever get released.

Back in March ’08, Dr. Pepper said that if the album was ever released, they would give a free soda to everyone.  Well, the album was *finally* released and Dr. Pepper made good on the promise… except that so many people went to the site that it crashed and many were unable to get the free coupon during the 24 hour window, and many fans struck at Guns N’ Roses thinking they were involved.

Now, G N’ F’N R has become G N’ F’N R N’ L, as lawyers for Axl Rose have pressed Dr. Pepper for a public apology for the promotion that went flat and may have caused harm to the band’s reputation. Laurie Soriano says “the door to a lawsuit being filed is always open” and has yet to hear back from the carbonated beverage maker.

In other news, a Chinese Communist Party newspaper has reportedly called the band’s album name a “venomous attack” with “its spear point on China.”

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Plaxico Burress Weekend Shooting Puts Others in Law’s Sights

The weekend self-injury of New York Giants star badboy Plaxico Burress, who sustained a personal injury gunshot in the leg when an illegally concealed weapon accidentally went off may have a few others in hot water.

In New York state, it is a misdemeanor for a hospital not to report a gunshot wound to the police, and according to reports, that is exactly what happened.  It appears that several employees of New York-Cornell Hospital, who treated Burress, did not contact the police. The New York State Department of Health is investigating to see if information was deliberately hidden to protect Burress. Additionally the hospital itself has admitted it has suspended an employee for not following procedure.  The hospital says it is their policy to contact the police in regards to all gunshot patients.

Meanwhile Antonio Pierce, another New York Giant who was with Burress at the club Latin Quarter during the injury and aftermath, is being sought for questioning by police.  It appears, however, that he ditched the cops yesterday in favor of a paid radio appearance.  Pierce also is reported to have spoken to NFL security about the incident without a lawyer present which could get the league itself tangled up in the investigation.

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Plaxico Burress Turns Himself In Over Weapons Charges in Nightclub

Plaxico Burress Under Arrest

Plaxico Burress Under Arrest

Over the weekend, NFL star Plaxico Burress shot himself accidently in his leg when a concealed weapon on his person fell down his pants leg and went off.

Yesterday, NYPD went to Burress’ home to retrieve the gun.  Burress was not at home, and while there was no search warrant, but someone at the house was authorized by Burress to surrender the weapon.  Representatives for Burress also made a statement that he would turn himself in.

Just this morning, Burress voluntarily turned himself into the police and plead “not guilty” to charges of illegal possession of a weapon, which is a felony.  Burress may also face charges of reckless endangerment.

Burress’ lawyer has stated that his client “intends to address the charges in a responsible manner as a true professional.”

We’ll be keeping track of this story as it develops.

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