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Mos Def Sought for Attack on Photographer at MAGIC

Mos Def Hates Him Som Paparazzi

Mos Def Hates Him Some Paparazzi

Mos Def is currently being sought for questioning after he allegedly attacked a photographer during an event at the Men’s Apparel and Garment Industry Convention (MAGIC) in Las Vegas.

Def, whose real name is Dante Terrell Smith, faces charges of malicious destruction of private property and felony robbery after he reportedly took the camera from one of the official photographers at the event, smashed it on the ground, and then took the broken equipment.

The victim, Volker Corell, claims he also received a cut on his hand during the altercation.

A warrant is currently out for Mos Def’s arrest, though no prosecutors or criminal defense attorneys have stepped forward at this time with any comments.

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Fashion Police Are Coming After Jesse James Clothing Line


Jesse James Named in Fashion Lawsuit

Jesse James, known for his insane motorcycle designs at West Coast Choppers and his regular stints on cable television, may have a posse of lawyers coming after him.

Turns out James was co-creating a clothing line brand with a partner to be dubbed America’s Brand and sold through Wal-Mart.  At the last minute the partner was cut out, the clothing line renamed after James, and a key employee was stolen.

Now defendant Lori Edwards is suing for $200,000 for expenses and time spent on the project.

Jesse James, his representatives and business partnership attorneys have not made any statements or returned calls made by inquiring journalists.

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