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Plastic Surgeon from Dr. 90210 Placed on Probation for Negligence

Dr. Michael Omidi on Probation

Dr. Michael Omidi on Probation

Dr. Michael Omidi, a Hollywood surgeon who has appeared on the self-esteem destroying TV show Dr. 90210, has been placed on a three year probation by the Medical Board of California for being “grossly negligent” with several of his patients, including one that wound up on TV.

The medical negligence charge is because Omidi performed liposuction for one episode on a patient at a facility that was not accredited, and furthermore did not document which painkillers he administered. The board continued to state that “Dr. Omidi’s use of general anesthesia on this patient with a loss of his life preserving reflexes at an unaccredited outpatient facility is an extreme departure from the standard of care.” The concluded by noting that Omidi had used the unaccredited facility two other times, and did not document an oxycodone prescription.

The board had at first revoked Omidi’s medical license, before reinstating it and putting him on probation.


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  1. I know Dr. Omidi. He did my surgery. He is a sweet and friendly doctor. He spent alot of time with me. He did my nose and the results were perfect. I hated the hook on my nose, the bump and had trouble breathing. I went to him because he is a facial specialist. My heart went out when I saw that he had been in Vietnam for a month doing pro-bono work. Most private docs don’t spend that much time in places like that. Ive heard a weekend, but not a month, in the swamps of Vietnam! I’m surprised that he was using a center that was not accredited because he runs many centers and all of them are gorgeous and very well ran. I’m sure it was an administrative glitch. I didn’t see any patients having any problems. I still have 100% trust and faith in you Dr. Omidi. Don’t let the haters get to you. This country is great because of great people from all over the world. You are definietly one!


    Comment by Jennifer Y | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. I believe that qualifies at negligent

    Comment by Marc with the divorce lawyers in Chicago | January 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. and michael omidi beatiful i love you

    Comment by Mariana | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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