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Kurt Angle Avoids Being Put In Full Nelson with DUI Charges

Last October, a witness called the police saying that Kurt Angle was driving erratically after leaving a bar and may be intoxicated.  Well, Angle was slapped with DUI allegations, but today he was found not guilty.  Either Angle has a heck of a drunk driving defense attorney or it could be the fact that Angle was never seen driving the car by police officers.  That witness better be put in police protection… Angle doesn’t take to kindly to being dissed.

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Carl Weathers Throws In The Towel On Third Marriage

After only seventeen months, Carl Weathers is filing to end his marriage to Jennifer Peterson, his third wife. In the divorce papers filed with L.A. County Superior Court, Weathers sited irreconcilable differences.  And, just to make things interesting, Weathers has requested that Peterson pay his court costs. Hopefully he has a good divorce lawyer in his corner of the ring.

Weathers, who has starred in Rocky and The Predator, may need a little help and insight from co-star Sonny Landham, who has had something like five wives.

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