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Christian Bale Off The Hook For Assault

Christian Bale seen here in The Machinist

Christian Bale seen here in The Machinist

Charges of assault against Christian Bale have been dropped in the UK. Last month, Bale was caught up in a frivolous charge made by his own mother that he had assaulted her, in what is being alleged as a way to get money out him.

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Vanesa Ramirez Sues Level 3 Nightclub for Slip and Fall Injury

Back in May, Vanessa Ramirez was partying at Level 3 in Hollywood, when she fell on the dance floor and twisted her ankle. When bouncers placed her in a nearby chair it broke, and Ramirez tumbled to the floor a second time.

Now, Ramirez has filed a slip and fall lawsuit with her California personal injury lawyer against Level 3 for a total of $25,000!

Level 3 has shot back though, and stated that Ramirez was wearing 6” heels when she tumbled on the dance floor. As for the chair, well Ramirez just weighed too much… at 180lbs, wouldn’t you expect the chair to break too?

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